Property investment is one of the most popular wealth machines in Singapore.

It has create a lot of wealth for a lot of people. Due to that, people advise their peers the way to build wealth through properties.

The New Paper interviewed a single 45 year old Property Investors current situation to profile the weak leasing market.

She works in the sales industry and earns $20,000 per month.

From 2009 to 2013, she bought 4 apartments and 2 retail shop spaces.

Currently, 1 shop space is sitting empty.

The rental revenue of these 6 properties do not cover the mortgage payments for the properties

“I really have to work very hard to close more deals, so that I can pay off the loans. If I can get past these two years, it should be okay. I can manage as long as I don’t splurge on anything.”

One apartment which is a …