The Godfather of Asian Stock market, Hu Li Yang, is back in Singapore to share with us his view on the investing opportunities and risks in year 2017!

Spend 1 full day learning from the Man himself as he would discuss his views and how investors should position their portfolio for the rest of 2017!

Mr Hu previously held the position of Vice-President of Securities in
Merrill Lynch in the 1980s, then the biggest securities firm in America.

In 1986, he gave up his high paying job and return home to Taiwan to
develop and educate its people on investing in the stock market.
Since then, he has been regarded as the ‘Godfather of Asian Stock Market’ and have went on to published best-selling books on stock market investing.

He accurately predicted that: the Dow Jones Index will rebound on 2009 March, the Taiwan stock market will exit a bear market on 2009 November, Gold’s temporary peak on 2009 December, and many more!

Some of the topics he will be discussing includes:
1) 2017, a year possibly filled with investment headwinds and traps ..,