Moving past our mistakes

I must admit that I felt a pang of regret/fear when I read Kyith’s (Investment Moats) post – Negative Cash on Cash Return Bites Single 45 Year Old with 6 Investment Properties. Although I am not in the same situation as the lady mentioned in The New Paper, Kyith’s analysis could just have easily been applied to my wife and I.

It’s a great read and important reminder for people not to get complacent and overstretch themselves on property investment even if you are a high income earner. In fact, I have applied Kyith’s analysis to our situation below.

We capitalised on our above average and more stable earnings power to purchase a 2-bedroom condominium in the East in 2011. Since it is for home ownership/investment, the apartment is definitely cash on cash negative for now since we receive no rental income. It would still be the case even if …

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