I am pretty late with this update as I was outfield during the past few days on my reservist. This is my first ever cycle at 30 years old and truth be told, I hope I am never called up again.

I am currently nursing multiple mosquito bites and still recovering from my sleep debt and 90% of the time in camp and outfield, I am basically just waiting for time to pass.

And it doesn’t help that as a self-employed, they are just paying me my rank pay and I have to go through some inconvenient processes to prove my income.

Last but not least, my expenses have actually gone up during the past two weeks. Urghh… #endofrant

Eating Out: $731.60

Hawker ($245.70) – Canteen breaks everyday to make the mornings pass faster in camp. And when I am outfield, I tend to treat the NSFs as well.