Positive Experience With A Professional House Mover In Singapore


Readers of Heartlandboy.com would know that Heartland Boy and Heartland Girl chose to purchase a HDB BTO flat over a HDB Resale flat. Having chosen this option, they now face an almost unbearable wait of 4 years before their HDB BTO would be ready. Having heard the wise words that a big space is not necessary for procreation, Heartland Boy decided to move into Heartland Girl’s house as an interim measure.  Heartland Boy realised that the single-sized bed in Heartland Girl’s bedroom, despite being small enough to procreate, was not big enough for the 2 of them to sleep on. Thankfully, they found an excellent queen-sized bed at a bargain. However, they would have to transport the bed from the warehouse to Heartland Girl’s residence. As such, Heartland Boy began to look for professional movers in Singapore who would be able to provide tremendous value at a reasonable rate. …

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