2 years after I started work in 2006, one of my co-worker who was rather inquisitive (and intruding my personal bubble a lot with her questions) told me about a lady friend of hers.

She says that this gal friend of hers struggled to find a good man to get married. Her gal friend have very simple wants, which is what puzzled herself why its so tough to find the right man.

She just want her man to:

  1. Make $4000/mth
  2. Drives a simple car
  3. Lives in a condominium

My Co-worker was befuddled because in the realm of “simple requirements” that does not border on simple.

I was more concern that I would not be able to find any mate in Singapore at that point then debate whether that is a simple requirement or not.

How much we want have profound impact on the way we spend our wealth and how …