Against the current economy backdrop, we have seen many stocks have been taken private in year 2016 to-date. Most of the parent companies which have privatized their company counters made use of the low valuation of the stocks as an opportunity to delist their stocks in the current stocks markets environment. Some investors like to buy stocks which are good candidates for privatization due to the perceived capital appreciation should these stocks be privatized. And if the stocks were to pay dividends, investors could reap these dividends while waiting for capital appreciation.

An article in a local newspapers yesterday caught my attention as it highlighted eight stocks which could be privatized next. The list of the eight stocks is:

1. ASL Marine

2. Sembcorp Marine

3. Mermaid Maritime


5. Wingtai

6. Ho Bee

7. Gucoland

8. Wheelock Properties

Half of the above stocks comes from the offshore marine …