I used to shut myself down when I read about Derek Sivers because I hear about him all the time from Internet Marketers. Fortunately, thanks to Tools for Titans,  I was able to acquaint myself with this person properly. Derek Sivers started a CDBaby, a business selling music CDs online and made $22 million from the sale.

I think Tim Ferriss is more excited about this section than I am.

But nevertheless, we can learn quite a bit from Derek Sivers:

a) What I like – Don’t be a donkey

Will an upcoming M&A succeed ? What going on with Fintech ? Do they code this Ruby of Rails ? I wonder how they deploy this application ? Did they consider IP rights when they launched this product ?

This section resonates with me a lot because even if I was not a donkey, I am very likely to become one. With skills in …