In my previous life, I was confined in a cubicle working 9-to-5.

I was unsatisfied and unhappy.

So, I decided to take a leap of faith by starting my own business!

Yes, I fought tooth and nail to quit my cushy corporate job.

I resisted all well-heeded advice from my friends on the “terrible mistake” that I’m making.

I was labeled weird, contrarian, stubborn, crazy, and many fun vocabularies. Guess what, I didn’t care about the stigma of an online business. And here’s why not caring about what other people think will create an extraordinary life for me.

Benefits Of Not Caring


I’ve watched my younger brother build a thriving restaurant business from nothing. He scraped some money, designed a menu with Powerpoint slides, and collected second-hand kitchen equipment to put a restaurant together.

All this while, I’m like an anxious basketball player sitting on the bench waiting to be …