I intend to publish this post only after Christmas but a fellow blogger couldn’t contain his excitement and drew curious stares – which is a good thing.

It started a few months ago during a casual conversation with my blogger friends. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something in common to wear during our gatherings and better still easily identify one another on the street? That is where the idea of wearing a T-shirt was born.

I know most financial bloggers prefer to keep a low profile and apart from the few financial blogger gatherings, the next most common place where they meet is in a AGM. Imagine several people wearing the same t-shirt during a AGM. Even if you are a very small shareholder, a group of you will definitely make the management take notice.

From a business point of view, I shared with my friends that they could be my “live” ads promoting my site when they wear it out and maybe I could start selling T-shirts, but that is secondary. I wanted a T-shirt where they will be comfortable to wear out on the street.

While thinking of a design for the T-shirt, I consider the fact that financial bloggers are a very niche and unique group of people. We are sometimes labelled as ‘boring’ especially when compared to lifestyle bloggers.  Although we share a lot of our financial thoughts and experience online, this may not be the case in the real world. It is not because we are not willing to do so but when you start talking about financial stuff, normal folks usually become disinterested.

In my design I wanted something to show that we are not boring – I have met several bloggers and are all interesting people to talk with. I want to be able to pique the curiosity of others and approach us – strike up a conversation on financial matters.

The first and most important part of the design is to have a catchy tagline to spread the message across. The group of us came up with some really crazy taglines and to share a few:

Diam Diam Huat
Don’t Miss The Boat
Kang Tao Pls
Bu Yao Hai Wo
Don’t Say I Bo Jio
Mai Tu Liao
FU $$$
Financial Independence In Progress
Money 101

Each of us had three votes and it was a close call between “Kang Tao Pls”, “Mai Tu Liao” and “Financial Independence In Progress”.  “Financial Independence in Progress” eventually gathered the most votes because the words alone show that it has something to do with finance. That said, if the feedback is good, I might print other taglines too.

The designs:


Design 1 and 2 was the obvious choice. However design 1 feels a bit feminine and design 2 is too forceful. Hence we decided to merge the “Yin” and “Yang”. We also discussed about the size, colours, placement and eventually came out with our final design.



There is still the printing and finding a suitable t-shirt but I will leave it for another day.

I will like to thank the immortals (you know who you are) for your brain juices and support. A special shout out to my designer Serene Soh who is prompt, easy to work with and adding her own creative elements.

LP informed me that there is some interest in the T-shirt but I am not sure if it will take off. Please drop me a comment if you are interested and if the response is good, I will think about how I can print more to sell.

Here are a few of my blogger friends wearing the T-Shirt. Wanna guess who they are? I am still waiting for a few others to receive theirs and will post their ‘bodies’ here. Perhaps I can make it into a album too.

    Update 22 Dec 2016

Added Blogger No. 8


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