Singapore Stocks Market: Outlook

I was browsing through the different stock prices as usual. Given the recent spate of local M&As and delisting manoeuvres, it seems to me that the number of quality stocks have decreased in our local bourse. With well-known local companies such as OSIM, SMRT and Eu Yan Sang International delisting, is the local market valuation truly too low as compared to the global valuations?

A simple Google search can give you the results. Here’s what I found (Credits to¬†My Stocks Investing Journey Blog): Singapore’s STI had the lowest PE ratio of 12.01 relative to the global average PE ratio of 23.35 in Oct 16. Now that’s real cheap! Almost similar to a Black Friday Sale of 50% discount!

With that in mind, then the acquisitions of Super Group and delisting of companies are not illogical at all and may even be at a bargain. Using a case …

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