For home buyers in Singapore, most would qualify for a BTO HDB flat. It gives the best value for money. Even a resale HDB flat is a good deal compared to the sky high asking prices of private condominiums.

However, regular readers know that I would caution against buying very old HDB flats.

“It’s OK lah. I like the location and there is 60 years left to the lease.”

And how long are you going to be staying there for? Is there a possibility that you might want or have to sell it sometime in the future? To be prudent, we might want to think a bit further along those lines.

For whatever reason, many peopleaspire to stay in a private property here even though it would cost at least 3 times more compared to a BTO HDB flat, location for location, size for size.

And it is not $50,000 for a HDB flat versus …