Monthly Savings & Expenses November 2016


Time flies really really fast! Especially when it’s nearing the end of the year. And before I know it, it is already 20 days into the month of December! Very late to be posting my November 2016 savings and expenses. But I can’t let it stop after documenting for the past 10 months. This is what happens when you keep putting off something to the next day and it never gets done.

Anyway, November 2016 is gone and basically what went was this. The US elections happened and Trump won. Not that I follow such political stuffs especially when it’s outside of Singapore, but as I do a bit of Forex, it made me some money as I watch the market go up then down and up again. A hugh roller coaster ride for many traders I believe.

My side hustle KidzDash took a bit of a hit this month as we were faced with a rainy month and we were …

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