There’s a problem with cutting back that people don’t want to acknowledge.

Cutting back causes you to hate money and probably yourself, after a while

Here’s what most people do when they are trying to save money.

Action Steps! :

  • Save $100 by running instead of going to the gym
  • Save $200 by replacing the meaning of the words Going out” to mean walking around the block 3 times before going home.
  • Save $100 by drinking some bland 3-in-1 crap instead of that soy mocha Frappuccino (*shudders)

Not too bad! You’ve saved $600 just by writing stuff on paper. On an average Singaporean’s median income of $3000, that’s 20% Now try thinking of it as something that you have to do for the rest of your natural life instead of something you need to do for just one month.

Or better yet, how about you cut another 20% of that? …