If $$$ numbers are what you’re interested in, let’s dive straight into it first.

Ad Networks
– Google Adsense : S$59.61
– Monumetric : US$463.46

– Travel Smart Rewards : $68.00
– RedMart : S$280.00
– Airbnb : S$91.00

– Sponsored Post : S$90.79

Grand Total
– Singapore Dollars : $589.40
– US Dollars : $463.46

Ad Networks

If you’re thinking that you need fantastic traffic to start getting some decent earnings, don’t worry! You can see that my traffic is actually pretty average but the key is in the choosing the right program such as Monumetric.

If we cast aside other forms of earnings and consider only online ads, the difference is enormous. Comparing Yr 2015’s traffic of 90,559 visits to Yr 2016’s traffic of 98,359 visits, it is an increase of 8.6%. However, the increase of earnings shot up from …