The purpose of this article is to share the danger of the stock market. The game is not fair.Sabana Shari’ah Compliant Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust

At one point I have $100, 000 invested in this counter. It was darling in the market with it’s high yield. I even named it as one of my retirement counter. And then when the master lease issue comes in, I found something a miss.

Started with reducing exposure and then a complete cut loss. From the tip of 1.37 top price, my final cut loss is at 1.055. That’s – 22% which is a little late but never late than never. The share price continues to slide down to below $0.50. Losses would have balloon to more than $60,000 instead of just $1,442. Never look back again after I cut.

That’s the SHARKS in the market retailer have to …