2016 full year passive income from S-REITs.

In this final blog on S-REITs in 2016, I want to record a heart felt good bye toSaizen REIT as we knew it. The REIT was one of my largest investments in the S-REITs universe for many years. It was an asset play and an income stock that amply rewarded my strategy of being paid while I waited.

Now, this brings us nicely to the importance of investing in income producing assets. For many of us, not having passive income means working till the day we die. It would also probably mean having a weaker ability to cope with very real financial challenges in life such as inflation.

Warren Buffett once said that we should not depend on a single income and that we should make investment to create a second source. To me,  quite simply, this means investing for income, which is what I have been doing mostly…

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