Time flies and 2016 is ending soon.  All my tradings are done and all dividends are collected.  It is time to review my portfolio’s winners and losers in 2016.

Top Dividend Contributors: 

  1. Saizen Reit (16.15%):
    – The special dividend made Saizen Reit the first counter to attain freehold status in my portfolio.
  2. Starhub (10.49%):
    – Starhub would still be the top dividend contributor if not for the one season wonder Leicester City…oh Saizen Reit.
  3. SGX (8.67%):
    – SGX has dividend payout every quarter, almost like a REIT.

Dethroned: Starhub (2015).

In 2015, the top 3 dividend contributors accounted for 37% of my total dividends.  In 2016, the top 3 dividend contributors accounted for just 35% of the total dividends. So, a bit of diversification.

Next, some Christmas fun and amusement…