If you don’t know what is FSM One, go browse their website yourself.

After that, read this great primer by D&S (I got to say it again, I’m absolutely awed by the quality of the content, and also the edginess of the content from D&S!).

Honestly, it is a bold move.

Singapore has a SHIT financial industry.

Why do I think so? While being highly literate with supposedly genius population and 5/10 younguns sporting some sort of “degree” (read this to see why I call them “degrees”), we are still so lacking.

1. Mainstream acceptance of financial advisors as the FIRST and PROPER way to buy insurance
2. Complete willingness to pay $2500 a month to drive yourself, sit in traffic and do your own valet parking
3. Belief that insurance is savings
4. They have this thing continuous expense called “face” that constantly requires endless amounts …