Some of you may be wondering why i have been missing for so long, well i do sincerely apologize as i have travelling quite a bit. The only thing that reached a record high this year is probably the amount of time i spent in the air . . . I can probably compile an album of all the “airplane food” I had in 2016 but let me do that in another post ^_^

Recap of 2016


Similar to last year, 2016 is probably another year to be forgotten (only 5 days left). There are 16 IPOs and not many of them have public offering. As of Xmas eve, the performance of these IPOs are summarized below (sourced from Shareinvestor)

Mr IPO’s tikams for 2016

A slow year is probably and understatement. There weren’t many IPOs to participate in to start with.

I managed to participate in 2 IPOs through placement (A …