Coming to the end of the year, where did 2016 go to?

Did my regular savings plan of 300 bucks a month, and this month, i decided to get some bonds instead. So i purchased A35 at $1.141. I had left overs from my previous purchases of STI ETFs, so even though the total purchase amount is $343, I had enough to cover the transaction amount.

Bonds are less volatile… good for people who are getting old like me. I used to be 100% in equities, but some diversity couldn’t hurt!

I envisage that as I progress with more savings, I would slowly increase my bond component. At the moment, I’m happy to let it be at around 10-20%.

Also, i am looking forward to collecting more dividends next month. A grand amount of $24.54. Since I restarted my portfolio less than half a year ago, with $300 …