2016 Portfolio Review (Part 2): Foundation Stocks

2016 is another challenging year for investment.  Many “marketquakes” starting with China market’s failed circuit breaker implementation, the ever present oil price worry, the continuing terrorist threat, the surprising Brexit and Donald Trump victory, the rate hike in December and perhaps further hikes in 2017.   Sometimes when you think you are moving a step forward, but actually you are forced taking two steps backward due to strong headwinds.

My portfolio crossed two milestones in 2016.  First, the 200K point was surpassed. Then, the special dividend from Saizen Reit gave a great turbocharge to my 2016 dividends and the 12K mark was exceeded for the first time in my investment journey.

My portfolio was set up using SGX, Starhub and SPH as foundation stocks, and Reits and other dividend stocks are supporting casts.  SPH, Starhub and the Reits were all battered hard …

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