ShopBack: Save with Coupons, CashBack and more!


While I was googling for alternatives to reduce my expenses, I realised that apart from reducing takeout and preparing my own meals, there was an on-going trend of online retailers dealing in all kinds of products. They vary from groceries to mass e-retailer Amazon. With the introduction of these e-retailers, consumers now enjoy an additional option when it comes to shopping! The fierce competition between these new entries and the old brick-and-mortar retail stores have resulted in lower prices – this only stands to benefit consumers! Furthermore, these new entries also periodically give out coupons or hold one-off sales event to attract shoppers.

One of the ways that I found was to shop through websites that provide promotions, discounts, and other perks. One startup that particularly caught my attention was ShopBack and the services they offer. What caught my eye about them was:

  1. Cash back on most online …
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