I was evaluating my expenses to be for 2017.

Unlike previous years, where I have no mortgage to pay for, there is mortgage for 2017, and other additional. Hence, 2017 seems likely to be a year of high expenses.

Except for the home that we bought, my partner and I have totally separate finances, so his expenses are not included here. It’s astonishing that even before 2017 starts, almost $60,000 is likely to be out! Do you have this problem like me? Some of the items can actually be cut down. Like cable TV, but it’s at my parents’ place… And the amount is small, compared to insurance and endowment, which easily eats up about 20% of the likely expenditure. Ridiculous.

Unless I do something about insurance and endowment, it’s likely that I will need to spend $65,000 or more 2017. I am keeping $65,000 as the maximum target …