Look out for Outlook in 2017

This might be my last blog post in 2017 and at this point of time , is very common to see many articles appeared in newspaper or magazine on peoples ( or so call experts / economist ) writing about “Outlook “ for stocks market , property market , economy , industrial , sectors etc…

If you key in the “ outlook 2017 “ in Google , you will get 132 mil results about this topic !! Since ancient world or mankind history , we like to do prediction and look out for something which may affect our life. People have always yearned to see into the future, to peek around the corner and make sense of what’s going on.

Nobody, neither the experts nor us amateurs have the least idea what is going to happen with the economy in the future… I don’t think the economists really know BUT since this is really a BIG business in doing such forecast ,,, if your forecast turn out to be right ! …

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