After reading somewhere in the Cyber world; huh!

So far; Uncle8888 hasn’t met any retail investors who are still in the stock market and have admitted that they can’t beat CPF OA interest rate of 2.5% CAGR.

For his generation of seniors in their late 50s and 60s who have admitted; they have chopped their fingers and move on and never touch the stock market again.

Real People. Real outstanding HDB loan.

One ex-colleague who sat in his same ex-office has lost so much cash & CPFIS fund during AFC. At last known, he still have several years of HDB loan to pay off. He couldn’t met his minimum sum requirement and CPF automatically pledged 50% of his 5-rm HDB flat.

Every retail investors believe they will become above average retail investors when they are working hard at acquiring more financial knowledge and improving their investing skills; but where do the winners get their wealth from? …