A heavy topic for the festive season but it is actually quite mind stimulating. I belong to the camp that advocates employment. My reasons are it gives me the opportunity to meet different people of different cultures, participate in office debates, discipline to drag myself out of the bed and the list can go one and on. I still want my financial independence but I will still want to work after achieving that. Somewhere into the discussion, I realised that Frugal Daddy doesn’t hate his job. He just want to have control over his time and ‘destiny’. He does not like having to conform with the “rules” that comes with employment. In a way I am a ‘rebel’ too, and I like to challenge conventional norms at work. Unfortunately there is no way to have complete control of your time as long as you are employed.

Can you have complete control of your time? I agree that without a job, you will have more control over your time but it will never be 100%. I like to think that life will always throw you a spanner. Richard mention that he is satisfied if he has 50% control over his time and I agree with him.

Can someone who wants control over his own time still be able to find employment? I think it will be difficult even for those with flexible working arrangements. Being your own boss may perhaps be a little better but I can’t help thinking how will you manage staff who has similar thoughts as you? And that is where my imagination went wild, imagine a society where everyone do not want to work, who will patrol the streets, who will support our infrastructure and who will cook my favourite local Char Kway Teow?!

There was also a little bit on religion in our discussion. If I hate being told what to do, then what about God? As a Buddhist, I try to omit the ‘I’ component. We did not venture too deep into it as it can be very sensitive and I do not have much knowledge in this area.

Frugal Daddy has given the permission to post the article in full so that he can gather more comments. I will like to reiterate that he does not hate his job – only the ‘rules’ that are tied to it and there seems to be no way of escaping that.

Hello there! Yes, I know, I am on blog vacation. I have a burning curiosity about a question and I happened to have some time to write now.

If you meet ALL these criteria :

  1. Employed staff (exclude self employed); &
  2. Would continue with your current job without being paid or paid only 50% of your current salary

Yes, this post is for you!

May I find out why do you enjoy being employed after taking away your salary from the equation?

These are some of the reasons I dislike working life, honestly:

  1. KPIs;
  2. Having to follow boss instructions regardless of you being agreed or not;
  3. How to do your work in the way they want;
  4. When to do your work and by when for submission;
  5. Who to manage and sack, if applicable;
  6. Which days to work in a week;
  7. What time you have to report to work and end your work day;
  8. Taking away time from your family, hobbies and running errands;
  9. How many annual leave you have in a year;
  10. Outsourcing big chunk of your short life (say 80 years) to your company by allowing them to tell you how to live your life;
  11. And the list continues…

Would greatly appreciate if you can enlighten me why you love your job so much that you no need to be paid to follow the above conditions?

If the reason you work is purely because of money, then how much do you want? How do you balance between your time spent for yourself and time spent to earn money for your wants? Say from 25 years old till 65 years old where you got most energy and maturity, how many years of these 40 years will you spent earning for extra wants and how many years will you spent designing and living your own life for yourself?

Feel free to give your opinion but I urge everyone to maintain respect for each other. It is a discussion and please do not take it personal. No individual should be quoted or mentioned. Thanks.