What’s the biggest headache of first time landlords?

Slow economy? Soft market? Sibor rise? Bad agent? No tenant?

Try again.

If you had been a landlord before, you would agree with me that no tenant is still better than bad tenants. As the saying goes, being single is far better than being stuck in a bad relationship.

Another tenant from hell

Last month I went for a haircut with my usual hairdresser and opened a can of worms by mistake.

“How long do you want to cut at the back?”

“Around 1 ½ inch.”


“Are you still staying at Jurong East?” I shouldn’t have started this. It was all my fault.

“No, I’ve moved to Toa Payoh … did I tell you that I finally bought a flat?”

“Congrats! It’s nice to have your own place.”

“I have a spare room so I decided to rent it out.”

“Good to have a tenant helping to pay the loan.” …