Hey, 2017 is almost upon us. That means the inevitable urge to reflect and dwell on how 2016 has been has arrived as well. As Heartland Boy morphs into a pensive mode, along came the absolutely brilliant Heartland Girl. She who spends all her waking hours thinking of how to grow Heartland Boy had a brilliant suggestion. Heartland Girl decided that the readers have probably read and heard enough from Heartland Boy and are crying out for fresh perspectives. Never one to argue with Heartland Girl, Heartland Boy decided to round up a group of esteemed bloggers from the investment community to provide the best financial advice that they have learnt or received in 2016. Heartland Boy is certain that you will have lots of Eureka moments as well as fun learning from these brilliant individuals.

Achieving Financial Freedom

“Saving an extra $1 a day will not make you rich …