Since it’s still the school holidays, I was able to squeeze all my weekend lessons on weekdays instead. So yes, I am enjoying my last peaceful weekend before 2017 kicks off.

Besides using today to read up on other financial bloggers’ reflections of the year (here, here, here and here), I have also decided to review my choices for 2016.

Super kickass, probably the best blockbuster of the year for me

Just like Deadpool* (who chose to receive “unorthodox” treatment for his cancer and face the nasty consequences), it’s really our choices that determine our life. So it’s good to learn from them so that we can make better ones going forward.


Actually, to most people, I don’t have much of a “career” left. Most of my friends believe I botched it up really badly.

Rejecting a somewhat prestigious secondment to a Ministry in 2012, …