You can read my previous post on Amazon FBA here (Part 5).

So basically all the 3 products are completed by the manufacturers.

1. Product 1 (5 cartons).

Well, the goods have reached Cincinnati, Ohio (US) and went beyond that… headed for Texas. I did not choose the 5 days air express option to save cost. So it would probably reach Texas near the end of the first week of Jan 2017.

2. Product 2 (2 cartons)

The cartons have also been shipped (collected by the courier, FedEx). I have fully paid the manufacturer for the shipment at the beginning. I reckon the manufacturer chose the slowest option.

I looked up the shipment records (using the tracking number given), and the cartons aren’t really moving.

Really wonder when they will reach the fulfillment center in Texas.

3. Product 3 (12 cartons)

Ok, this is my least confident product …