1 Skill To Get Good At In 2017 [1/6]

Here comes the second day of 2017. I’ll re-start my 6 days 100 words writing goal.

One thing I will do more this year is to get people to help me out and tap on their expertise. Two days ago, I managed to get a friend to help me with a video script of which one year ago I’d probably spent days studying and creating it myself. And even so I might not even be able to produce a result half as good as someone who is trained in the field. Near the end of the years when I was self evaluating I sort of realised that maybe I’m a bad executor.

My foundation is weak, maybe it is not the best use of my time and effort to work on my weakness. Instead, I should focus on where my strength is at that is, I see what others don’t. …

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