What AK thinks of the LRIS:
“Since I treat my CPF savings as a risk free and volatility free component (i.e. AAA rated sovereign bond) of my investment portfolio, I am unlikely to take part in the proposed Lifetime Retirement Investment Scheme (LRIS). Of course, money in the CPF-OA doubles up as a war chest which could be deployed in the event of a stock market crash for possibly better returns than what the LRIS could deliver.” Source: A cornerstone in retirement funding. 


Dear AK, May I seek your wisdom?

  1. Can CPF SA be invested on SDPR STI ETF? I have check in CPF website it stated yes.
  2. However, I went to OCBC where I have CPFIS account to ask, OCBC staff not able to reply.
  3. I ask approved CPFIS broker they cannot answer as well.

Is there some place I can seek clarification, please enlighten me. Thanks