Read? Two Months After Not Doing Anything To Increase GDP As Jobless Man!

The top two questions so far ….

For those he has bumped into them but they are not CW8888 Blog’s  readers; the top two questions from them when they knew that he has retired are ..

(1) How do you pass your time? Watch TV?

(2) Doing any part-time job?

Up till now; Uncle8888 has not watched any single TV drama or DVD.

For the next few months he will continue to work on physical activities to push himself into maintenance mode of Old But Not Weak with Pull Up and Push Up before adding the next exercise routine. This will mean that as time passes he will naturally be spending more time on his routines in his maintenance mode.

Long distance slow jogging is the real time killer as it can easily consume up to 3 to 5 hrs per session…