It’s only been a few days into 2017 and I am sure you have made some new year resolutions with regards to Money and Love.

If you’re single, are you hoping to get hitched in 2017? And how do you know he/she might be the right one?

Or if you’re happily attached, perhaps your goal is to tie the knot? What are some common potential money pitfalls you wish you could avoid before getting married?

Or if you’re already married, maybe you want to improve the management of your household’s finances? Or start financially planning for babies?

To kickstart 2017, BigScribe has invited Christopher from TreeofProsperity, Lionel from Cheerfulegg and yours truly from My15hourworkweek together to share our thoughts and experiences on how we have managed money and love successfully so far.

Details of the event:

This will be my FIRST EVER TALK as a financial blogger and I will definitely …