I’m late to the game. Most bloggers have already wrapped up their reflections of 2016 and have proceeded on towards welcoming the new year.

Investment Portfolio

My dividend portfolio is chugging along just fine.

Soon, the annual dividends will be able to cover the $200/month POSB Invest Saver plan which I am on as well. :)

At a portfolio level, I am overweight on REITs (bad thing!). I have padded my portfolio with some more consumer staples and am looking towards adding more if the sector corrects. Meanwhile, I am eyeing some other ETFs and am considering SSBs.

I have been stretching myself quite thin by reading up on all things pertaining to investment. I will be slowing down in this area.

Insurance Coverage
I will be reviewing my insurance policies and, if need be, purchase additional policies in areas which I am deficient in.

Responsibilities are starting …