I thought that only my CPF-SA numbers garnered a following but it seems that my CPF-OA numbers have a following too. So, I agreed to share more of my CPF numbers here. Latest CPF numbers, OA, SA and MA:

If we add all the three accounts together, the total amount of savings I have in the CPF is:


At the ripe old age of 45 too.

I know this is impressive to many people and although it is achievable, please don’t think that this should be a benchmark for you to latch on to. Remember, we have to be realistic.

Not many of us who want to buy our first property can leave our CPF-OA money untouched. Indeed, regular readers know my story. My CPF-OA savings was not always untouched.

How did AK amass so much money in his CPF-OA?

For most of us, what is more …