This is the first week of 2017. Happy New Year everyone!

2016 ended remarkably well for me and my family as far as intangible non-material aspects of life is concern. My family is healthier both physically and spiritually. Relationships in my house improved tremendously too. Above all, we were blessed with a godsend baby boy due in few months time. Financially, while income and investment returns fall, overall financial status and net cash inflow (income minus expenses) for the year are very healthy.

The year also ended well with a close to three weeks break from work for me and my wife clearing year end leave. This resulted in a family stay-cation at Sentosa and several gatherings with friends and siblings knitting closer relationships.

2016 at a Glance

Before we start recapping year 2016 notable events for the World and Singapore, I wanted to clarify I am not …