Looking at the price action of Sabana Reit, I was quite astonished by the steep fall whereby their peak was around $1.20 in 2013 and is currently trading at $0.35. It have been on a steady decline since 2013.

Part of the recent fall is due to a rights issue of 42 for 100 at $0.258 which will be used to finance the purchase of 3 new industrial properties.


Sabana Reit was listed in 2010 at an IPO price of 1.05. It plunged on opening and was trading as low as $0.75 before recovering where income generation assets became a favorite asset class in the late 2012 to 2013 period. Their sponsor and manager is the Vibrant Group which is previously Freight Links [Freight Links Express Holdings Limited (now known as “Vibrant Group Limited”) is an investment holding company established in 1986 and listed …