Singpost has found a replacement CEO.

This is a CEO with operating expertise in logistic and freight forwarding. A timely change as it move to synergied its accquistions. With this CEO, I hope this pace of accquistions will stop over the next few years.

The second catalyst has happened. Market is not excited, but at least not disappointed. Singpost has risen intandem with the market

The third catalyst, will be out in 2 months. Alibaba has a record sale during Nov 11. Amazon also had record sales.

If u read their analysts meeting notes, Mervin has always “hint” that the loss making accquistions in US is for the longer term, and particular the holiday season is often quoted as an opportune window for  ramped up businesses activities.

How much synergy did the alibaba and Singpost alliance bring? Let’s explore the following possibilities:

1) Top line grow in high …