Have you saved enough for your retirement?

Do you want to know where your fellow Singaporeans stand across the globe when it comes to making investment choices for retirement planning?

The world is sitting on the ageing “time bomb” while many governments have to set aside 50% GDP for the costs of ageing. And you know that you cannot retire with $1,100 a month.

In the face of challenging global economic conditions, making the right investment choices matters more than ever. What do you have to consider when it comes to saving and investing for retirement? Here are my findings…

Blackrock has recently surveyed more than 27,000 investors, including 1,000 Singaporean investors across 20 markets globally. They published a report called “Investor Pulse Survey”.

Whether you are just graduated, in your mid-career or near retirement, how we make financial decisions will impact our future, a.k.a, our retirement life.

Singaporeans are …