I’m a bit late to the game of reviewing 2016 goals and posting about my 2017 goals, but I’ve got a lobang which I thought I should share!

Udemy is an online course learning platform and you can pretty much learn anything you want there, and the price is very reasonable since it is e-learning (note: DIRT CHEAP). Even the gov recognises this, which is why quite a number of online courses on Udemy are available for skillsfuture claims! Gov pre-approved leh, should be good hor? Of course, usually the courses that are available for subsidy are quite work-skills related, not like “How to build a Successful Instagram account”. Haha.

Anyway, they are having a new year’s sale that have all their courses for $15! This ends in 2 days. Don’t worry, this isn’t affiliate marketing!

Some of the regular prices of the courses are between $80 to $300, …