I have an investment record of about 5-6 years.

For someone who is 30 years young, that’s considered pretty long. But to most “investors” out there, it’s too short a period to judge whether I am a good investor. Some of them would say you need to have at least 10 years of track record or go through at least a cycle or two of bulls and bears.

It’s then when you can judge if you really outperformed the market and should continue to manage your own portfolio rather than outsource to an ETF that tracks an index.

However, I feel such views could prove disastrous for a new investor.

Suppose he starts investing at 30 and pump $20,000 every year into specific stocks and this is his performance over the ten years.

Basically, at Year 4, he would be ahead of the index and that could give misguided confidence to that new and …