Very well researched and put together. Hats off to LS who originally placed this in the comments section.

Hi AK,

I guess this withdrawal regarding top-up money and its interest is causing a lot of confusion. This is due to the frequent changes in CPF policies/withdrawal rules. What is making it worse is that some of our CPF officers are also not as well-versed and providing wrong information (anecdotes from my friends and some comments in forums. Please disregard this if its offensive to you) and also the CPF website is poorly designed with incomplete information all over the place.

I had trawled through the website for more than 1 hour in order to post the information below. (Maybe I am just lousy at searching for information at the CPF website, lol)
Firstly, what is causing the confusion? It is because of this particular rule…

“After setting aside your Full Retirement Sum or Basic ..