2016 in Retrospect, 2017 Looking Ahead

I’m late. Some bloggers started writing such posts about 2 weeks ago already! I guess I’m the last blogger to come and play this game, eh? Well, the good news is that maybe during that 1 week where every other post was about the same new year thing, maybe you got bored and skipped reading half of them. Hopefully mine is a bit more interesting!

For my personal SGX portfolio (which I have unfortunately been extremely lazy to post about, but still update my spreadsheet which is linked to my sticky page), I actually did pretty well I thought. My portfolio total returns for the year is almost exactly 5%.

I use some strange method to calculate my performance and my benchmark. It is using IRR and comparing it to the STI ETF if I had invested in the same amount of money as well. It’s definitely not comparable to …

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