What was used 100 years ago should be used now because no one question it?

As educational value and experiences increases in life among the younger generation…Do you guys think National Service should be mandatory?

A Financial Example

Average working fresh graduate will have a monthly salary of $1,600 [After CPF] and a NS man is about $580.

Fresh graduate spends $20 a day, 1 week – $140, 1 month – $560 | Net $1,040

NS man, $40 each weekend (Nights out not included), 1 month – $160 | Net $420 

I will not go into details if he becomes a officer or sergeant, as the fresh graduate can also be having promotions, AWS, performance bonus or a job jump.

Fresh graduate will have $22,880 + 1600 (With 1 month bonus) = $24,480 in 22 months

Ns Man will have $1680 + $14,580 (after posting out – number is taken …