The Untold Story Of The Stock Market

Before I start telling you the story, I just like to tell the readers that I am not “forgetting” about the Singapore Stock Market. Although I am starting to look at the U.S. Stock Market, but I will not forget my roots. I will be updating on my Sabana REIT journey soon…

So let get back to this “Untold Story”.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and any similar event/name/situation are just coincidental.

Tom owns some shares of Company A, which was listed. Company A has become a penny stock and no one has traded for a long time. So Tom decided to take action.

Tom had a huge network and told his network of rich friends, Peter, Dick and Harry to buy Company A. He started to accumulated more of Company A too. Furthermore, he advised his friends to buy in different tranches. Thus, the shares price …

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