I am sometimes able to draw parallel in the investing world with teaching and learning. This time round, it is the reverse, I draw valuable insights from teaching and learning that can be transferred to investment.

We have a module on reflection, and suddenly I realize in investing, we made many considerations but seldom do a check on our most fundamental assumptions.

Let’s do this:

I consider

1) YZJ to be a cyclical play.

2) it to be a alpha company that will gain when turnaround happens.

3) it to be reasonably financially strong, unless u totally discount HTM (low debt)

4) it to be a good dividend payer as I wait. (About 4%)

5) the downcycle to be at bottom although I have no idea how long it will last. (Companies went bust, scrapping on ships increased, rates bottoming out)

I assume:

1) That the turnaround will come and …