Journey To Retirement Part 10.1 — CapMallsAsia Bond

As of 12th Jan 2017, CapMallsAsia has finally redeemed all its outstanding bond, CapMallA3.8%b220112 and that signaled the end of my investment in it.  For the 5 years period of investment, capital return is 0%, typical characteristic of bond when redeem at par value and interest return was 20.94%, annualized to be 3.87%.

I was not a strong believer of bond investment despite the fact that it is so-called risk free (presumably referring to Government bond) so in 2012 decided to test out on bond investment.  CapMallsAsia was the one I chosen then given that its 3.8% interest payment at that time was one of the best for retail investor plus CapMallsAsia is part of Capitaland whose major shareholder is none other than Temasek Holding so can be considered “safe” since if anything wrong happens, Temasek Holding would surely come to the rescue.  So after …

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