Psst. Try this.

If CPF is paying 2.5% interests, while banks are paying less than 1% for savings accounts, why don’t you pay up your housing loans using cash?

This way, you don’t touch your CPF and you can enjoy the magic of compounding with higher interest rates?

Also, by not touching CPF for housing, you won’t be “asset rich; cash poor” when you reach age 55 or 65.


Isn’t this less cumbersome than using cash to top-up CPF and then use CPF to payoff your housing loan?

A bit LPPL right? (No, I’m not going to translate what is LPPL)


You may scream at me.

You don’t have an Emergency fund (that by definition means liquid asset, not far water kind) that can last you 2 years of unemployment…

Ask your uncles or older cousins who got retrenched during Asian Financial Crisis of 97 if you think 2 years is too extreme.

And you haven’t build up your Opportunity fund of size yet…

To double your investment portfolio from $100K to $200K is one thing. To do the same with $10K is another concept altogether, even though in percentages they are the “same”.


I see your point now…

If I want to do CPF top-ups, I shouldn’t be using CPF for housing or education or whatever reasons right?

Especially if I like the 2.5% and 4% CPF “risk free” interests so much?


Now my conviction is shaken… Should not have talked to you!

Why am I investing using CPIS when I am toping-up cash to CPF???

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